I Tried The Ember Mug and I’m In Love!


September 13, 2018

Y’all! I am beyond excited for tonight’s blog post! I am going out of the box and doing a review on the famous Ember mug. I have had it sitting in my Amazon shopping cart for a hot minute and last night, I found this beauty in a birthday present I received! Best present ever!

As a photographer, I am constantly working for hours and hours with my BFF Adobe Photoshop—which often requires a couple of trips to the Jura for some well-deserved coffee. Sadly, I get distracted like 10x in between my sips of coffee and by that time, it’s cold so I have to run to the microwave…and the cycle repeats over and over until my coffee is done. One can imagine—the Ember coffee mug was meant for people like me! #StruggleBus

There are plenty of mixed reviews out there so let me first explain how I made my coffee using the Ember Mug—because, yes, what you do with the coffee in the mug totally effects the mug’s ability to maintain a consistent temperature.

First, I made sure to put it directly on the charger. As it was charging, I went ahead and updated the software using the corresponding Ember app that can be found in the AppStore. Once the charge and update were complete, I proceeded to make my coffee. I made sure to brew directly into the Ember mug (FYI I usually froth my milk first, let it sit for ten seconds, add espresso shot and flavored syrup). I transferred the mug back to the plate charger until I was ready to drink my coffee. I felt at a certain point it was a little too hot for me (I am sensitive to temperature) so in the future, I will most likely reduce the ideal temperature for my latte by at least five degrees than what is suggested. I took the mug off the plate at this point and continued my editing and sipped my coffee in between. Overall, I found that my coffee was still hot even after thirty minutes had passed since it was on the plate. I am so impressed, Ember!

Since my first cup of coffee, I have used it two more times and it continues to work beautifully. I would advise everyone to make sure that they thoroughly dry the mug after washing to prevent product issues. In a perfect world, if there was a way I wouldn’t need the plate then that would be great! Especially since I am all over my house and don’t always have access to an outlet or want to carry that plate around. But hey…I will live!

Regardless, this is an incredible product that is revolutionizing the coffee industry and I cannot recommend it enough!

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