3 Must Have Photos For Your Brand


August 27, 2020

Are you thinking of having brand photos done for your business?

If so, keep reading for helpful suggestions before your upcoming branding session! We have compiled a list of what we believe are the 3 must-have branding photos that will level up your marketing campaign.

Whether it is for your website, social media, or good old print ads, these 3 types of photos are essential for your brand!

brand photos

Branding Photos for Events De Luxe, a Luxury Planning Firm for Weddings in Houston, TX.


  1. Headshots & Team Photos

    • This may seem like a “no brainer” but having a professional headshot is a priority! If you have a team, then be sure to take their individual headshots too. Followed by a team photo!
    • People want to invest in a brand that they trust. The first step to building trust with your potential clients is by showing the face behind the brand. They need to put a face to your business!
    • Pro Tip: Wear colors that coincide with your brand colors! If you’ve had your branding done by a professional designer—you know what we’re talking about! They are those 3-4 colors that characterize your brand and target your ideal client for your industry.
  2. In-Action Shots

    • Everyone loves to see behind the scenes! Pull back the curtain and share your process with your viewers. For example, if you are a photographer, get some photos of you taking pictures; if you are a florist, some shots of you as you put together a bouquet would be great!
    • Extra Brownie Points: Create a brand film of you at work! Ask your photographer if they offer this as an add on service or hire a videographer. These can be used on social media (hello IG Reels and IGTV!) or on your website for some added flair!
  3. Flatlays

    • Gather your favorite resources, tools used for your business, and any other materials you’d like to share or would be typically found in your workspace. Place them in an aesthetic fashion on a solid background to showcase them!
    • These styled images are great for showing off your products or as filler content for when you’re posting on social media! There are SO many uses for flatlay photos.
    • Pro Tip: Incorporate your hands! If you are a planner or writer, you could take a photo of you jotting down notes from above for perspective. By incorporating your hands, you are embedding the concept that your brand is personal. There’s a human touch that makes that image so much more relatable.


brand photos


We hope this list of our top 3 branding photos is helpful for you as you put together your shot list for your branding session! Feel free to share this link to your Pinterest board, share it with your photographer, or just jot it down in your personal notebook.

Have fun creating and if you happen to use any of these suggestions, we would LOVE to see! If you share them on social media, tag us @saraabdulazizphotography so we can cheer you on!

Happy Creating!


brand photos

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