Each of my mentorship sessions are geared towards your individual needs as a photographer. From learning to use your camera, to the 101 on starting a business, I will help you in whatever your heart desires. 

I had my business all through high school, college, and now I get to do this full time. I remember starting my business and being so overwhelmed with the amount of things on my to-do list. This is why, I want to lend my hand to all my fellow creatives who feel like they're in over their head. I've been there! So, if there's something I can teach you and guide you through, then I would be more than happy to. 


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Need help learning how to use your camera in manual mode? I can help! I've taught so many individuals (including everyone on my team) how to use a DSLR camera and how you need to take pictures (because there's only so much the camera can do). This is great for photography beginners or creatives who are ready to start doing more work and need to advance their skills to bring their A-game to their own business or as a second shooter. (Session Time: 1.5 hours)

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1. Are you running behind on your work and need someone to help you edit? Reach out for a custom quote for our editing services. 

2. Are you wanting to get into the whole bright and airy editing world? Let's meet for coffee and I'll share all my secrets for how I get my signature style! (Session Time: 1-2 hours)

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I have used so many programs and web hosts over the years so I'd like to think I have come a long way! I know what it's like to not have the funds to be able to afford someone to design my website for me, do my branding, and all the necessary things needed to start my business. I learned how to use everything on my own (thanks to Google!) and practice. Let me help you as you go through all of this and know you have a friend along the way!
PS- I'm selling my previous website template (as pictured) which I custom made for my business using Wix. Contact me for details. 

web design & program insight


Want to know how I get my dream clients? (No, seriously. I LOVE my SAP Tribe!) It all starts with us figuring out who your audience is! Let me help you find your ideal bride, senior, family...whomever! Say bye-bye to pointless worksheets you found on Pinterest. Let me review your business and give you an audit to see how you're doing. I'll give you recommendations on how you can fix your brand and get to booking new clients! 



One of the most important aspects of running a business is giving your clients a memorable experience. I spent a lot of time setting up my system, finding products, and so much more. Learn from me and then apply it to your own business model! 

give your clients an unforgettable experience


All the documents I use with my clients, I have made from scratch. Recently, I've received a lot of messages about purchasing my templates. If you're interested in purchasing templates such as contracts, pricing guides, marketing kits, or would like for me to work with you to make one, please contact me for more details. 


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Wanna just ask me any question you could possibly have? Let's do it! Over phone or in person, I'm an open book! I know what it's like to feel SO confused and feel like there's nobody there to listen or share the reality of things. I will always be there to help anyone in need, because at the end of the day, if you're successful then I am successful! Why? Because it means I am doing something right and I can continue sprinkling my wisdom so everyone gets the inside scoop!

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