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April 2, 2019

Why I Shoot Film


It always surprises people when they see me whip out a film camera right when I am already holding a digital camera. I think most people immediately wonder, “why are you going back in time?!” and fail to recognize the timeless beauty that film photography provides.

I mean come on y’all. Look.

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In our age, people spend hundreds (if not thousands over time) investing in presets, editing courses, private editors, and so forth–all so they can mimic the colors and style of film photographs. Not to mention the countless hours spent slaving away behind a computer screen instead of spending time with your loved ones. All for what? To fine-tune thousands of images to look like a film photo?

Le Sigh.


Digital cameras are wonderful (don’t get me wrong). They are far superior when it comes to low light situations which is why they are perfect for weddings. Poorly lit churches and receptions have nothing on my Canon 5D Mark IV’s ISO skills and magical sensor!

But when I am in that dreamy light where the sun is pouring into every nook and cranny all around me, I know there’s nothing better than my Kodak Portra 400 film stock and my film camera.

Wanna know the best part?

After my session, I drop that roll of film into a plastic baggie, seal it in an envelope, and drop that bad boy off in the mail! Then, I sit back and relax as my film gets developed and returned within a matter of a few days with no editing necessary besides some retouching.


I get my life back. My digitals are 10x easier to edit especially when half my workload is done. I get more time to spend with my dog. Oh, and I can finally pay attention to things that are on the top of my priority list like running a fabulous business that spoils their clients rotten!


Why do I shoot film?

  • Achieves desired look immediately with little to no post-processing
  • By saving time, it allows you to focus on more pressing matters like providing your clients with the best service
  • Pushes you to be intentional with your work
  • Fabulous tones and dimension during daylight hours

Shot on Kodak Portra 400

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