Master Shutter Speed In 30 seconds!


June 4, 2018

Hello world!
I am finally back to blogging! This past weekend I was shooting a wedding (congrats Theresa & Steve!) and needed another hand, so I had to take a couple of days off to focus on training my photography assistant (who I will introduce very soon!!!).
I created this cheat sheet on shutter speed because it can be difficult when you’re starting out to understand the super basic concepts. Feel free to save it on your phone and share it all around! It is meant to be a resource so please, get some good use out of it!


I hope this helps anyone and everyone who is starting out with photography! I know how overwhelming knowing all the little details can be but I can promise you that over time it becomes second nature! Comment below and let me know what you think. Plus, if you have any tips and tricks on shutter speed, please do share!
Have a happy Monday, y’all!
 Sara Abdulaziz


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